Dating antique furniture feet

26 Jan

The panels with added blocks to form crosses flanking an octagon.The interior is graced with an abundance of secret drawers and compartments.Read More An unusual Maine cupboard / armoire with two paneled doors over two drawers.One might compare the tulip round bun, part 4100, to the tulip square bun, part 4102 to see the similarities and differences of these furniture feet.As typical with Osborne Wood Products quality, these parts are carefully sanded to 150 grit. Many are round in nature, and are also referred to as bun feet.

As for the molding, at 4" tall it meets the needs of most modern cabinet designs.

These parts are all carefully sanded to 150 grit guaranteeing satisfaction in both quality and design.

There is a desk in the Farmworth Museum with very similar paint.

Whether replacing old, outdated furniture feet or adding a foot to a brand new design, Osborne offers a wide variety of cabinet and furniture feet.

Like many of our other bun feet styles, the Tulip feet are sanded to 150 grit, giving these feet the Osborne mark of excellence.

Cabinet and furniture feet at Osborne Wood Products, Inc.

From the Albany, part 41033, with its square block top construction made to lock into the sturdy frame elements of the commercial sofa unit to the Dalton, part 41231, made to accentuate the delicacies of a finally crafted ottoman, these furniture feet display the simple elegance that Osborne products has been known for since 1979.

With 150 grit sanding, these furniture feet are ready to assemble into the well designed creations of the most discriminating craftsman. carries a variety of furniture feet with the ogee profile along with other types of pedestal feet.